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What can an attorney do to resolve a patent dispute?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Patent Litigation |

The most successful California companies are known for innovation. Patents provide companies with a way to protect new technologies that they worked so hard to develop and should be enforced at all costs. However, with so much competition, there are many cases when a party is accused of infringing on a patent, even though they did not do so. Our patent litigation attorneys can assist you whether you need to enforce your patent or defend against a patent claim.

Enforcing patents

If a third party is infringing upon your patent, they may be harming your business reputation and causing you significant financial damage. Our attorneys know how important it is to protect your interests to ensure that the technologies you developed remain with you alone. We will use our knowledge of science and technology to dive into the specifics of your patent to determine exactly how your patent is being infringed upon and use our expertise to prove this infringement in court.

Defending against patent infringement

If you are being accused of patent infringement, our firm will evaluate the claims made against you and help determine the best course of action. In some cases, our attorneys may find that there is enough evidence to establish that the patent itself is invalid or that the product you are selling or manufacturing is outside the scope of the patent claim. In other cases, our attorneys may determine that the best course of action is to negotiate a patent license with the owner of the patent or to simply to stop selling or manufacturing the infringing product.

No matter what field of business you are in, there is always a chance that you will end up in patent dispute. The patent litigation attorneys at the Hudnell Law Group have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle all your patent litigation needs.