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Patent litigation between flying car innovators moves forward

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Patent Litigation |

In Mountain View and across the area of California known as Silicon Valley, innovations are what made the area so prominent for startups. When creating new products, there is always a fear that the plans and delicate information can be stolen. For creations that could be immensely lucrative, it is imperative to do whatever possible to protect these ideas. Often, it is necessary to file a legal claim to address allegations of stolen trade secrets. An ongoing case centered around flying cars exemplifies how allegations can go back and forth as to who came up with a concept first. Anyone with sensitive information should know their legal alternatives if there are problems.

Two companies in dispute over flying car

A case in which two companies are both claiming ownership of trade secrets for a flying car is moving forward. Recently, the federal judge denied an injunction request. The dispute is between Archer Aviation and Wisk Aero. Wisk is backed by prominent companies in the aviation industry Kitty Hawk and Boeing. It wanted to prevent Archer from being able to use trade secrets it says had been stolen. It also wants financial damages in a separate lawsuit.

According to the judge, there is a potential argument that trade secrets were misappropriated, but the injunction request is not sufficiently clear. Archer says there is no merit to the lawsuit and no trade secrets were stolen. It says its aircraft was created long before Wisk’s. Wisk says that one employee downloaded a cache of data and gave it to Archer when he joined it. When questioned about it, he asserted his Fifth Amendment privilege and refused to answer questions because it might incriminate him. Wisk intends to continue with its case even after the denied injunction.

Protecting intellectual property often requires legal assistance

Ideas that seem farfetched are frequently the most forward-thinking and lucrative. This is especially true with the more difficult creations to pull off like a flying car. When there is a belief or proof that theft has taken place, it is wise to understand how patent litigation can be beneficial. Having assistance with protecting these ideas and designs is vital from the outset to address any legal concerns that arise.