About Hudnell Law Group

Today's sophisticated legal consumers need solutions that traditional law firms are ill-suited to provide. At Hudnell Law Group, we have recognized this void and have built a new model for providing legal services that is focused on innovating, adding value and delivering results. These three principles distinguish our practice, and sets us apart from our competitors.

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Lewis E. Hudnell III

Leverage Experienced Attorneys

At Hudnell Law Group, our team is comprised of seasoned attorneys who have worked for many years at top law firms. This experience means that your case will be handled by attorneys who can address your most complex IP needs. Unlike at traditional law firms, your case will not be handled by inexperienced attorneys. By relying on a small team of experienced attorneys rather than large team of inexperienced attorneys, Hudnell Law Group is able to reduce our costs and offer our services at a greater value to our clients.

Align Your Interests And Achieve Cost Certainty

Many of our clients demand greater predictability and control over their legal costs. The hourly billing structure employed by most traditional law firms does not serve these interests because there is no way to predict how long a project will take, nor is there any way to control the number of hours that can be billed to the project. In fact, hourly billing misaligns the interests of the law firm and its clients because it incentivizes law firms to bill hours and rewards inefficiencies. As such, hourly billing often creates a gap between the cost of the legal services and the value that is ultimately delivered.

We recognize that price structures other than hourly billing are a better means of aligning our interests with those of our clients and of matching the cost of our services with the value we strive to deliver.

Obtain Efficient Representation

We recognize that there are alternative service providers better equipped to handle discrete tasks more efficiently and more effectively than law firms. When appropriate, we offer clients the option to engage these service providers. We are adept at leveraging vendor relationships to handle discrete components of matters. This practice allows us to focus on what we do best: solving our clients' IP problems.

We also routinely work on engagements with co-counsel whose talents complement our own and fill a particular need for the engagement. We maintain a network of trusted partners that may be engaged for this purpose.

Experienced Lawyers Committed To Delivering Results

At Hudnell Law Group, we invest the time to understand our clients' businesses, their needs and their expectations. We then apply our blend of diverse IP knowledge and expertise to craft strategies tailored to our clients' goals. We distinguish ourselves by precisely executing these strategies and following through with our clients to ensure that our solutions yield favorable results.

To see how Hudnell Law Group can help you achieve your intellectual property goals, contact us online or call 650-564-3698 and schedule an initial consultation at our office in Mountain View, California.